Mia AK - CEO & Brand Founder

Led by her belief in natural remedies and passion for skincare treatment. Mia was determined to bridge between the luxury of refined skincare treatments and organic skincare.

She was born and raised in Lebanon her whole life. Amazed by the richness of the land, variety of rare botanicals and the mediterranean climate, Mia found the perfect environment to found and launch 7th Skin. With a passion to combine high-level formulation, luxurious textures and delicate scents to beautify and rejuvenate skin she conceived 7th Skin's rare range of luxurious organic products.

7th Skin, is a brand to be known for “elevating” natural skincare that focuses on excellence in product formulation. With her skincare, Mia aims to deliver distinctive, eco-luxurious products that are results-oriented, founded on innovative craftsmanship and designed to assist today’s modern consumer with their skincare goals, naturally.


"With my brand, i want to offer treatments for most of the skin problems. Cosmetics is not only about being beautiful, but also to be healthy and have a healthy skin. This is my mission with 7th Skin. We are dedicated to hard working, innovation, resilience, excellence and most importantly to nature. We are always on the look out for rare botanicals to enhance our formulation. Luxury and Nature meet together in the simplicity of 7th Skin. I aim to make the consumer's life easier by injecting multi tasking products into their routines so that the everyday routine becomes a joy and not a hustle to worry the consumer so that you give your skin the pampering it deserves worry free"