BFCM Exclusive Bundles


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You get in this set:

- 1 Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen

- 1 Cleansing Face Wash

- 1 Intensive Repair Night Cream

- 1 Dark Circles Eye Cream

- 1 Deep Repair Shea Cream


This full care Winter AM & PM routine is perfect to keep your face hydrated and protected through the harsh cold weather. 

*Read more about each product's benefits in their page


      Daily Morning Routine

      Step 1 Wash face using Cleansing Face Wash

      Step 2 After gently patting dry your face use the Vitae Deep Repair Shea Cream to moisturize

      Step 3 Apply Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen for protection

      Daily Night Routine

      Step 1 Wash face using Cleansing Face Wash

      Step 2 After gently patting dry your face apply Dark Circles Eye Cream under eye, followed by Intensive Repair Night Cream on your face and neck


      • Always preferably to patch test your routine for safety
      • Keep products away from heat