BFCM Exclusive Bundles


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You get in this set:

- 1 Color Unifying Face Wash

- 1 Resurfacing Lavender Face Scrub

- 1 Color Toning Red Clay Face Mask

- 1 Vitae Deep Repair Shea Cream 

- 1 Rejuvenating Face Mist


Indulge Your skin in a rejuvenating experience with our home facial set. This set exfoliates, unifies tone, gets rid of imperfections and deeply moisturizes the skin to give it a unique radiance.

*Read more about each product's benefits in their pages


      The Routine (once or twice per week depending on skin need)

      Step 1 Wash your face using the Color Unifying Face Wash

      Step 2 After gently patting dry your face use the Resurfacing Lavender Face scrub to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin

      Step 3 Rinse the Resurfacing Lavender Face Scrub and dry your face

      Step 4 Place the Red Clay Mask, gently massage it in circular motion and let it sit for at least 1 minute before washing

      Step 5 After removing the Red Clay Mask and drying your face, hydrate using the Rejuvenating Face Mist

      Step 6 Moisturize using the Vitae Deep Repair Shea Cream


      • Always preferably to patch test your routine
      • Keep products away from heat